Services for Public Sector

Our aim is to work with you to develop successful strategies to meet your customers needs. We can assist you with leadership and change management issues and help you access financial resources to deliver your services effectively and efficiently.

Strategy Development and Business Planning

WP can help you and your partners implement new service initiatives and develop community and business engagement. We do this by:

Our client base includes public funded agencies, local authorities, schools and colleges, industry sector groups and voluntary and community organisations. With nearly a decade’s experience in the fields of economic development, urban and rural regeneration, our aim is to provide consultation and advisory services dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every one of our clients.

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Research and Evaluation

Wessex Partnerships’ track record in project development and implementation is complemented by its skill base in the field of research and evaluation.

Recent and relevant research is required for an organisation or partnership on which to base the remit of its work. Research into intended beneficiary needs is an important part of the construction of proposals for funding, to demonstrate a necessary awareness to the funding body and ensure that the proposed project has the greatest chance of successful implementation.

Wessex Partnerships has access to a wide range of economic research material to help identify the key requirements of a local economy, industry sector, specific theme or community.

We have a strong research-based track record with expertise in labour market issues and trends, current training policy and practice, industry sector trends, business trends and needs as well as covering themes such as technology and social inclusion.

Most national and EU / international projects and policies have a requirement to be independently evaluated both in terms of their absolute outcomes and the cost efficiency of alternative methods for achieving outcomes.

We can objectively evaluate the design, development and delivery of your project, offering greater validity to the findings of the exercise than would be possible with an in-house evaluation and ensure that future work learns from past experience and builds on good practice.

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Improving service delivery

Many local authorities are seeking to extend their services to support local residents and the business community. WPL can help you through training and consultancy support. We’ll help you to develop an overall strategy and decide which projects and funds best support it. Our aim here is simply to help improve service delivery to the end users.

WPL has a fine reputation in the field of economic development and community regeneration. The team has a broad range of skills, experience and knowledge to support you and your partner organisations to improve the services you provide and meet delivery targets. The team has been involved in developing and providing support for project work such as community participation, social inclusion and learning and skills development for over 15 years.

We can assess how effective your organisation delivers its services and what impression these services have with your customers using a comprehensive and tailored Mystery Shopping service. We have found Mystery Shopping to be an excellent management tool to provide objective feedback and improve your customer service experience. We provide you with detailed reports which help you keep in touch with your local community and engage more effectively with businesses and other stakeholders. This local market intelligence feeds directly back into improving front line services, aiding decision making on efficiency savings and providing more scope for revenue generation.

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Accessing funding

Local authorities are increasingly conscious about value for money when contracting in services. Furthermore, securing funding is now more crucial than ever for project and service implementation. WPL offers a cost effective funding service, with a free first meeting.

WPL can help you refresh your short and medium term funding plans in line with your strategic priorities and key objectives to create a robust plan of action. WPL can aid with sourcing and applying for funds from a variety of sources from UK government departments and agencies to the European Union. Our funding proposals are of the highest quality, something we’ve maintained for almost a decade. We have a 75% success rate on securing public funding, working with us really does bring success closer. With a secure source of funds, you can then focus on achieving some great results.

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