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Schools, colleges, private training providers and universities have all benefited from our well-respected expertise to research, develop, plan and help finance new projects. We can also add value to your education and training provision through our ability to grow successful partnerships with outside agencies and the business community.


Accessing funding for schools, colleges and universities

WP is employed by an ever-increasing number of education and training providers to secure project funding, including those specific to the further and higher education sectors. WP can:

We have considerable practical expertise of accessing a wide range of funding streams both in the United Kingdom and the European Union. We have been working for over 15 years with major learning and skills development funds such as the European Social Fund. Our experience as fundraisers covers UK government departments, public agencies, National Lottery, Trust Funds and Foundations.

On the European front we have extensive experience of applying for EU Structural Funds. As well as the European Social Fund (ESF), these include the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Leonardo da Vinci, Interreg and LEADER.

Wessex Partnerships also offers an External Funding Support Service to clients, which will consists of a monthly report with news of potential external funding opportunities.

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Project development

Many education institutions are seeking to widen their teaching capabilities or launch new community-based projects. This can require external support, as few organisations have sufficient project development capabilities.

Our project development service enables ideas to be assessed, selected and developed prior to application for external funding support. This will not only provide the best possible chance of funding success but also put in place a strong basis for successful delivery of the desired outcomes.

Our ability to combine the design, management and direct service provision as an integrated package in the fields of economic development and regeneration offers our clients opportunities to add value and improve services.
We undertake a variety of research projects to assess the market demand for specific services or to test new provision.

Our dedicated staff have a long history of partnering with the education and training sector to develop implement new projects and service solutions which directly improve the strategic position of our clients and their quality of delivery.

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Project evaluation

We understand that demonstrating best value is central to all public funding bodies. Government guidance and good practice often require a retrospective evaluation to be completed at the end of a project or programme.

A key benefit of evaluation is that the lessons learnt can be used to inform and improve future projects and / or the next stage of delivery and more broadly policy decision making.

We conduct evaluation projects at different levels - individual projects, programmes, policy and strategic levels and can be used to answer a variety of questions, from how effective was the Project Management and Service delivery, to the participants’ experiences of the programme and identifying what activities were successful and what problems need to be avoided in the future

We incorporate varied and innovative evaluation methodologies depending on the nature of the assignments. The evidence that our evaluations generate can be used to improve the quality of data available for project sponsors when considering future projects.

The findings of our evaluation projects can also be integrated into a wider focus ensuring maximum linkage into areas such as feasibility studies, programme / project impact assessment, best value advice and new project development.

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Help you engage with employers and the wider community

Many education providers, from schools to universities, strive to get more involved with employers and the wider community. In some cases this means diversifying into new service areas working with fresh stakeholder organisations. WP can support you with your employer engagement through:

In a constantly changing business environment, it’s hard to maintain good relations with a variety of different employers. Fortunately, we’re able to use our extensive network of contacts to find interested clients for you, and keep track of them.

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