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Social networking with social media interaction is rapidly displacing traditional media marketing for many corporations and organisations. Messaging through social media is also beginning to replace certain “traditional” online marketing strategies such as pay per click advertising and banner ads on non-relational websites.

For any organisation that has already (or intends to have) a large membership or supporter base, social networking and social media is a really cost-effective way to achieve both short and long term growth and sustainability.

Wessex Partnerships has teamed up with a technology partner Pitchcom to launch Social ICE (Interactive Community Engagement). Social ICE is an innovative, easy to use application that helps you to build, manage and engage with an online community that will generate revenue for you and your community.

We show you how to use the ICE community engagement tools to build community momentum and provide a huge range of benefits to community members.

As an Owner of your own Social Network you can:

  • Promote your products and services, activities and events to reach a huge external audience, highly cost-effective marketing
  • Create smarter advertising and brand building, undertake specific targeted campaigns
  • Generate more revenue from customers and supporters, create fundraising campaigns, high return on investment
  • Promote to the outside world with relevant automated message optimisation for search engines

A key benefit for member businesses is the search engine optimisation capability of the platform. Articles will get indexed by relevant content and ranked on google. This makes for an automatic advertising tool, more effective than a simple directory listing or using google adwords.

The viral nature of social networking combined with the huge amount of user generated content, means that such content (blogs, forums, interest-based articles) gets indexed and published quickly by search engines. This provides a cost effective boost to your website rankings.

Other key benefits to organisations include:


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