Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

WPL worked with the Council on a new Community Grants Framework to interlink their corporate strategies and priorities to the Community Grant award process. WPL helped ensure there was measurable value in investing in local projects which contributed to the Council’s imperative of benefiting disadvantaged groups in the community.

WPL provided the procedures and documents to implement the strategy and deliver a revised grant programme. We created a portfolio of guidance documents for applicants and council staff, including revised application forms, claim forms, monitoring templates, standard correspondence templates and information to post on the website.

WPL provided tailored training sessions to Council staff involved with appraising and managing the programme, including intensive coaching in project appraisal. We presented to potential applicants at the Council to get their feedback to draft Application Forms and Eligibility Guidance – we listened to their comments and implemented them into the process before finalisation. We also provided training to Council Members so they were clear on what they were expected to focus on when deciding which projects to approve and why.

The first round was successful, with a number of good projects being supported to the Council’s budgetary limit

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