Tourism South East

Tourism South East (TSE) was seeking funding to help tourism, leisure and hospitality businesses meet their needs. TSE worked together with Wessex Partnerships to obtain funds for their two latest projects.

They knew they could rely on our services, since WPL had won £600,000 for other skills training projects run by TSE.

The tourism, leisure and hospitality sector is expected to grow more than most other sectors over the next 10 years, with an estimated 10% increase in employment.

However, growth in the sector is being hampered by the difficulty employers have in recruiting people with the right skills and knowledge.

WP helped TSE to win more than £400 000 from the European Social Fund (ESF). This has helped small businesses in tourism, leisure, and hospitality extend their performance by improving appropriate skills.

Once again, they were very happy with our work. Sue Gill, TSE’s Head of Skills and Learning had this to say:

“WP has specialist knowledge and expertise in this kind of work. Each bid is different and there is no prescriptive formula so this makes it difficult to come up with new ideas every time. We simply do not have the time to comply with the many regulations that are attached to working up tenders, and writing a bid that is convincing enough to win us the funding.

“WP has a wide variety of experience and extensive links to the types of funds we are looking for, which means they really know what they are talking about. It is great that we can have a joint approach where we work together as a team to achieve good results.”

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