Southampton City Council

WPL was asked to prepare a Marketing Plan for the Southampton Tourist Information Centre to help it grow as a successful and profitable enterprise. The aim was to make a contribution of around 50% of its operating costs within two years.

The Marketing Plan set out a clear vision for the TIC and what it could achieve in meeting new sales targets, maximising all the opportunities available to it. A key consideration was what the centre was capable of achieving as a business, striking a careful balance between information provision and the generation of revenue to meet costs.

WPL undertook an analysis of the market to assess the potential and scope of the identified opportunities for the TIC and gauge how well they compared with other TICs of a similar type elsewhere. This involved a review of services currently available at the Southampton TIC as well as scope for development.

For each area of the Centre’s activity, WPL considered whether there were market segments that were currently underserved, whether they were big enough to generate revenue and whether they were services sought by the TIC’s target market.

WPL also reviewed how to best feature the Southampton TIC as part of a wider visitor ‘offer’ in Southampton and the surrounding area. Emphasis was put on planning to achieve synergy with other visitor destinations, especially those operated by Southampton City Council such as the Maritime Museum and the City Museum.

The output of the project was an up-to-date, focused Marketing Plan setting out how the TIC could grow its revenue streams and exploit its status as the premier place to find information about the Southampton city area and Southern England in general.

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