Portsmouth City Council

In late 2007 WP was tasked with creating a business plan for Portsmouth City Council’s Children’s Centres programme. The aim was to implement secondary stages of the Children’s Centre across Portsmouth.

WP’s plan provided both the strategic direction and practical guidance for the Council to:

One of our main areas of work was to implement and develop a city-wide network, specifically to improve working across teams and agencies. During our research and evaluation, we consulted with many organisations which deliver family services within Portsmouth to identify the education and learning needs in the community.

We placed particular emphasis on targeting hard-to-reach groups and improving social inclusion, especially within the most disadvantaged areas of the city. This enabled as many people as possible to contribute, making our results more valid.

By August 2008, 13 Children’s Centres had been set up in Portsmouth. With the help of WP, the services they provide are now more integrated and hundreds of families across Portsmouth are able to benefit.

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