Dot Comunity  - The Disability Directory

Wessex Partnerships is delighted to be working with DotComunity, the UK's leading online resource for the 5m carers who need to learn what services and activities exist to support people with learning and physical disabilities, and how they can be accessed.

DotComUnity ( is a Community Interest Company created to:

Wessex Partnerships is working with the DotComUnity team to raise awareness amongst potential users and stakeholders across the UK and secure additional funds to support further development of the project. This includes developing the functionality of the website to include a rewards feature for members and develop the volunteer base that will maintain content in their local area.

For local authorities, and healthcare providers, DotComUnity represents a very low cost solution to providing relevant, up to date information on care services available in each locality to people with learning or physical disabilities, as well as links to community services and opportunities for social and community inclusion.

The project has receive considerable high level support, including Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government as well as many local authority and local NHS chief executives.

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