Introducing business world live

Business World Live is a global online community that helps you promote your business, connect and collaborate with others and engage with customers to win new business.

Whether you’re starting up, growing or expanding your business, we will show you the advantages of belonging to a global business community.We can offer you a cost effective and efficient way to reach and interact with new customers, providers and suppliers to grow revenue streams.

Membership of business world live is particularly relevant if you have an international dimension to your business. Membership can grow your business connections and offer new trading opportunities from around the world.

Why business world live?

Feedback from clients has shown that many were frustrated with their digital advertising efforts, not only with the high costs involved but the lack of control once passed out to an agency or third party social media platform such as LinkedIn or facebook.

Business world live gives that control back by allowing you to place ads on a global platform and create a social media dashboard that supports your existing media outlets. We know that by using news groups, blogs and message boards marketing can be easier and more cost effective.

Once you have registered, you can create your company’s profile and place promotional messages which can be shared on LinkedIn and your other social media outlets. You can invite your clients to join you and connect via the business world live platform or connect with you on LinkedIn.

Business world live has an open promotional structure, so you are not restricted to promotion to other members as with LinkedIn, but through some very efficient seo tools you can get greater coverage using business world live. In addition, we will provide you with regular guidance on how best to use the social media tools and become part of a global forum.

Business world live was launched in May 2014 with its latest seo capability. We expect to have 200-300 companies joining in the next couple of months. By July we will have thin app version for mobile and ipad use.

In addition, as a member of business world live you will gain access to experts across industry sectors and global trading regions, join special interest groups and promote your events.

How to Join

Businessworldlive has two levels of membership, Standard and Premium. For Founder members, we are offering annual membership for just £250+VAT, go to

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