Market leading cash New ISA 3.75% AER tax-free

WBS Solent* operates a branch of DotComUnity Centres which provides access to a credit union that is currently offering a very competitive ISA 3.0% AER. For the Tax Year 2014 – 2015 Cash ISAs allow you to save up to £5,940 without paying tax on your savings.

From July 2014 you will be able invest up to £15,000 tax free into your New ISA (soon to be called NISAs) at a market-topping rate of 3.75% AER.

You will need to join DotComUnity Centres which includes membership of the Credit Union to benefit from this cash ISA. All deposits are covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (

The minimum investment in the Account is £500. The maximum investment is your allowance for the current tax year. Transfers of previous and current years ISA subscriptions from other ISA providers ARE permitted. The Account can be operated currently only by post and telephone.

The Account can be held in a single name only. You must be over 16.

After placing your Investment in the Account you may make further deposits while the Account is a current issue, however ISA limits apply.  We reserve the right to withdraw this issue at any time.  Regular investment is possible.

Withdrawals can be made subject to 90 days loss of interest. If sufficient interest has not been earned then the penalty will be taken from your capital. For the avoidance of doubt closure of the Account or transfers to another account with the Credit Union or to another provider are classed as withdrawals.

Within 28 days of maturity, we will write to advise you of any amendments to the Terms and Conditions of your Account.   We guarantee that we will offer you our best available rate at Maturity.    These amendments may include the access terms, withdrawal arrangements and the duration of the Account.   Following the day of maturity you have 28 days in which to withdraw funds penalty free, thereafter the maturity Account Terms & Conditions will apply.

Interest can be paid to any DotComUnity Credit Union Account, or to a third party bank or building society account, details to be advised to the Credit Union in advance of the Maturity date otherwise the Interest will be credited to your DotComUnity Credit Union Savings Account.

Details are correct as at 1st March 2014

For more details click on the link below to download pdf.

Cash ISA Savings 3.0% AER May 2014


*WBS Solent is a DotComUnity Branch, promoting DotComUnity Membership and facilitating access to products and services, including DotComUnity Credit Union services, for all branch members via the DotComUnity Cloud. DotComUnity Credit Union is a trading name of Enterprise The Business Credit Union Limited authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority FRN 213820. Registered Office - 4 Trinity, 161 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 1JU.


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