WP Urges Charities to 'Get Creative'

With grants from statutory agencies and other traditional sources significantly reduced, many charitable organizations have an urgent need to develop new revenue streams to support operating costs.

Our creative response is to help charities and other not-for-profit organizations to raise more funds, reach more people and boost their profile through the use of the digital technology and social media.

Most charities are on facebook and twitter but few are using technology in the way other sectors are to drive up revenues and reach in a major way. There is a clear opportunity for these charities to enhance its current website and social media presence to move beyond its existing ‘brochure site’ to an interactive and engaging website that furthers your charity’s goals.

WP, together with our digital media partners, are working with several charities to revitalise their presence online. Backed by a social media campaign, the aim is support more traditional marketing efforts to raise more funds and donations from high net worth individuals and firms that show corporate social responsibility.

Typically this work involves devising a new website that is clear about the charity’s objectives and appeals to potential donors. Combined with website optimisation for leading search engines, a content management system and links to the charity’s facebook and twitter pages, this will help underpin the charity’s PR and marketing plan in a highly cost effective way.

We are happy to agree to work to a specific budget and timeframe giving you every option to develop the website and brand at a pace that is appropriate. Our fee will include all initial consultations and implementation required from website design to bringing your project to fruition. This would include the social media support along with the associated free publicity we can offer through our local contacts.

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