Channel Innovation Network (CHAIN)

Build new Trading Links across the Channel!

The Channel Innovation Network is an EU funded project that supports Anglo-French trade and business collaboration between innovative companies in the South and East of England with similar companies in Brittany and Normandy.

An innovative feature of the project is a unique communications and trading platform designed to help businesses looking to promote their international profile, find new customers and explore new market opportunities abroad.

Membership of the CHAIN Business Network is free for businesses and offers the following headline benefits:


To join the CHAIN Business Network, click here

The CHAIN Market enables members to advertise products and services both to the CHAIN membership and the external world. Business articles will get indexed by relevant content and ranked on google.

The CHAIN Business Network provides for all elements of communication and networking and will be particularly useful for promoting and booking events, creating specific sector profiles and focus groups, enabling private (one to one) and group discussions and online (live) meetings

In addition the platform enables CHAIN Project Partners to grow the CHAIN membership by encouraging targeted viral messaging and promotion to businesses outside of the membership.

To join the CHAIN Business Network, click here

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