Funding for IT Projects Supporting Disadvantaged Groups (UK)

The Nominet Trust funds innovative Internet projects that make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people, primarily in terms of education, safety and inclusion, has announced that it has made its first grants. Organisations that have been funded include the British Computer Society of the Blind; Cambridge Global Grid for Learning; Cambridge Library Learning Services; Childnet; Internet Society; and Youthnet. The Trust was initially awarded £5 million from Nominet, the Internet registry for .uk domains and will provide grants to organisations that can show that their innovative IT-related projects can make a positive difference to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups - in the UK, developing countries and around the world. Organisations wishing to apply need initially to complete an online eligibility questionnaire. Those organisations deemed successful will be provided with a link to a more detailed application form. Grant application will be considered by the board of trustees. They meet in May, August and November each year. Applicants will hear from the Trust in the month following each meeting.

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